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For centuries, Argös has been ruled by four Kings. Balthazar, Darius, Cynric, and Kenrich; each reigning for near five decades, remaining youthful despite the passage of time. Rumor tells that the four Kings have never fought, and that peace will hold as long as their families hold the throne. As each King comes to pass, his body will vanish the night of his funeral, though the populace still mourn the death in the absence of a body.

Argös is, in this way, governed by a Monarchy. Each King is selected for his royal blood, and in turn selects his eldest son (or daughter, in lieu of a son) to inherit his throne. The King is considered both head of his Kingdom, and Head of Government, and as such has total authoritative power over his own kingdom. He must, however, be held to the wisdoms of his High Council.

Of all of the continents, Argös is the warmest and most varied in climate.


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