Ezra: The Planar Convergence

Ezra: Tales & Tails - Clouds over Ceremony [WIP]

New Friends, Old Friends, and whispers of darker tidings.

Meet Captain Lowell at his post outside of the Noble District, as he dismisses the guard. They go into the Palace without much hub-ub. Androcles gets a pin from an old guy for cheaper. They get their “prints” taken, essentially, as they enter the Palace. Within, they notice Hesham chilling out in the corner, taking the crowd in. Reshaam moves over towards him after looking at the King and his new Queen, meeting the Drow woman on the way over. She thanks him for saving her, and hands him a drink. He says some kind words and thanks before heading off. Andy eats some delicious hordurves, and hides his way over to them to listen in.

Reshaam talks with Hesham for a while, hoping that he can get something out. He says he’s there on guard duty, looking out for important people and places. (i.e. looking into him) Andy drops in, effectively killing the conversation, then has to go take a shit. Reshaam then goes off to talk to Captain Lowell, who appears to be talking to a tall woman. It turns out to be his Aunt (Saint) Alexis, who is just tickled to see him. She exchanges some cute stories, and then he asks why she’s here. She says to help look into whatever this is.

On his way to the bathroom, Androcles shits little tiny gold chunks from his crazy meal the night before. After freaking out over it, he exits to find two Draconic looking women attempt to pull a box within the window. They stare at him as he smart-talks them, then they book it; one into a nearby door, and the other out the window. He chases the one into the room, and finds that they have essentially hidden within the servants quarters within. He can’t find her, so he goes out and drags the box into the main room.

Reshaam gives Andy a bad look, then they head into the hallway with the box again. Lowell says that he’ll follow in a bit. As they go to open the box, they find that in the open window is the Draconic woman holding the Drow hostage. Reshaam barks at her to let her go, while Andy tries the bad-cop routine. Reshaam does another good-cop chance, and the Draconic woman pushes the Drow forward to leap out the window and off of the balcony. Annoyed with the circumstances, they both crack open the box. Within they find some candlesticks, silverware, and an enchanted crown. Eager to try and put it on his head (by the voices, even), Captain Lowell goes off to fetch Alexis. Andy pockets the spoon, and attempts to comfort the sobbing Drow woman. Alexis comes in, angrily tells Reshaam to drop the crown (revealed as a Crown of Strangulation; an ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT!). Dra’Lyea is put to bed (the drow lady) and she thanks Reshaam for all of the time he’s spent trying to help her, and he hires her on as his secretary.

They go out into the party and find Hesham in the Throne room. Reshaam has a quick talk with the High King, who tells him that he’s not suprised that there was an attempt on his life. He wishes the Young Isloniu well, then he goes off to talk to Hesham. They talk for a bit (Hesham gives Andy his very strong drink), and find that they’re not so different. Having had enough of talking, they leave to go join the party at large. Fade to black.



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