Ezra: The Planar Convergence

Ezra: Tales & Tails - A Slippery Situation [WIP]

You can dress them up and take them out.

We open as we last left off, with Androcles calming the Griffon, his claws running over the beast’s flank. Exchanging glances with the two, the Guard Captain takes a look from the pile of gold to the door. Reshaam, smiling wide, gestures towards the chest in the corner.

“You gonna… let us check that out?”
The Captain raises his arms, turning towards the door. “Alright, but keep your hands—and paws—off of the gold, okay? You’re going to get your share of it later.”
From the corner comes the malicious whisper from Androcles, “Maybe we should just kill him and take it all.”
Freezing, he looks from Andy to Reshaam, brow raised.
“I sincerely hope you were joking.”

Appologies are said, and he leaves, allowing Reshaam to do his work on the chest. It’s obviously been outfitted with a trap; a pair of inlaid metal skulls have open mouths. In his attempt to disarm the trap, however, he ends up setting it off, and globs of acid eat away at his armor. He spits out a curse, brushing as much of it as he can off, before kicking open the chest with a grunt. Within is contained a +1 Champions Armored Coat, and a Grey Bag of Tricks. Reshaam is almost content with the coat until he finds its weight far too heavy, and Andy holds onto the grey bag. Some fun is had with learning of it’s use (mostly the loss of half a pound of soap and several gold) and they attempt to use its animals to feed the Griffon- all of whom seem to be inherently nervous and shivery.

It works, for the most part, but the hard part is in attempting to get it out of the room. With a lot of coaxing, struggling, and a bit of lubrication, the Griffon is squeezed through the tiny hallway, coming out the other side and flopping paw over claw. The Guard Contingent, now checking over the surrounding area (having set up a plank walkway over the massive pit in the room), let out startled gasps and back away. Throwing another animal from the Bag of Tricks, Andy is dismayed to find that it is a dog, but the Griffon consumes it with vigor. As the Griffon settles into a nap, the Captain and Reshaam count out the gold heap and split it— a hefty half of the gold (25,000) goes towards Reshaam in thanks for his service above and beyond the call of duty. He drops 5k of it off with Andy, then heads out to get the full kit for the Griffon, in hopes of ditching his newly found ‘sidekick’. Content to nap with the beast, Andy hangs back.

Without much trouble Reshaam finds himself in a well-to-do establishment in the Mercantile quarter known as The Hippogriff’s Horseshoe. The massive red barn-doors slide open as he pushes, leading him into a quaintly appointed office that leads into the larger stable. Sitting behind the desk, a half-elf woman stands, beaming sunnily at the new customer.

“Welcome to the Hippogriff’s Horseshoe! How can I help you today?”
“Just looking for some kit for a friend’s Hippogriff-oh, oops, I meant Griffon. Catchy sign you have there.” He smiles, putting forward his friendly attitude. She smiles, leading him over to a display of finely tooled saddles, bits, and bridles.
“Yeah, we run a tight ship here. So, what sort of saddle are you looking for? Exotic definitely, for a Griffon; but do you want Military or Riding?”
“Ah, probably Riding.” He clears his throat, looking over the saddles.
“You sure? I don’t think,” She gives him a very obvious and deliberate once over, smiling. “You’d do poorly for having a Military one.”
“Ah, fine. Military, then.”
“Anything else? Bridle, harness?”
“Sure, just throw me together whatever you’ve got for that.”
“Not a problem! That’ll be… 100gp.” Procuring the gold from his massive bag, she snaps her fingers, frowning.
“Dang, coulda gotten more out of you!” They exchange smiles, and he heads back.

Doing nothing but napping the entire time, Reshaam finds Androcles much as he left him. He tosses the bag full of goodies at him, then looks to the Captain, who shrugs.
“Can I still hold you to that drink?”



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