Ezra: The Planar Convergence

Ezra: Tales & Tails - A Royal Wedding [WIP]

Learning to keep manners in the Palace is an interesting affair.

Retrieve Tessa, meet Kin’rada, the black Catfolk and take him to the Silver Lining with them. Andy has to buy him a suit, so Reshaam and Tessa head in. They meet a Slyph at the front counter, who is airy and very happy to seat them in the Guard’s private booth. They chat a bit about the various goings on around the town, when Andy and Kin come in and join them. They order, talk a bit more about the potential threads within the the Royal wedding (possible interlopers/assassins), and Reshaam says they should hire a real good Priest for the wedding. They are in agreeance and they tuck into the food. Without much else said, they head out, Reshaam walking Tessa home, and Andy holding onto Kin. Reshaam gets some, has dreams of the Isloniu manor and a woman singing to him, while Andy has a dream almost like a nightmare and a good-dream. Ever present through out the dream was an ever-changing-color eye. Reshaam has a second encounter with Tessa, cooks her breakfast, then heads home. Androcles heads out for a walk, steals some lemons in a person’s garden, and meets Reshaam on the way home. Within, the house is a mess; blanket pile, and Kin asleep on the couch. They talk, and spend the day sparring.

The next day, they send out Kin to do the shopping (who appreciates having somewhere to stay), and head off to meet Captain Lowell.



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